The Godfather: Michael Displays that He is a Man of God

 The Godfather: Michael Exhibits that He’s a Man of God Dissertation

In the movie The Godfather, the baptism scene takes place after Vito dies and Michael realizes what kind of situation he is in. He knows that he's going to take those lead part of the Corleone family yet also realizes that there is a thing bigger. This individual realizes a war is near while using Barzini friends and family. В В В В В В В В В В В This kind of scene appears to be a montage and includes a lot of formalism throughout this with multiple jump cuts. The advances are between Michael in his nephew's baptism great men murdering a compete with families associates multiple times. The largest eye heurter to me can be how every murder is known as a sort of special violent consider. By using these types of jump reductions it also shows that the baptism and murders are going in at the same precise time. Through out some of the advances from the cathedral to murders they employ close-ups. For instance when one of the rival members of the family was getting a massage this individual looks about see who entered the room and as this individual does they close in on his encounter to show him getting shot in the honnetete head. The scene as well shows various kinds of moods, for example, when they are at the baptism everything seems really relaxed and peaceful, but when they jump to a homicide scene it is suspenseful and violent. Additionally, they use music with the priests voice through the scene to add suspense and excitement for the scene. The music and words of the priest get even louder as each man is usually killed after which the clergyman reaches his loudest point right when he ask Michael jordan if he rejects evil and Satan and he says I do, and immediately the scene cuts and displays Michael's opponents being murdered by his men with loud weapon shots. We also realize that the placing of the chapel had dark lighting and gave serious feeling.

The scene ends together with his men obtaining all the competition and Eileen becoming the modern Godfather from the Corleone family members. Using many jump reduces, lighting, background music/soundtrack and a lot of different shots they capture the holiness and nasty of Eileen and his males. The jump cuts trapped...

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