The Crucible Solution

The Crucible Answer 04.09.2019
 The Crucible Answer Essay

The Crucible, simply by Arthur Callier

Act I Responses

1) How does Burns characterize Parris? How does Parris feel about his parishioners? a) Parris can be characterized being a 40-year-old reverend. He is a cold, strict guy who cares deeply for his daughter but does not constantly show it. b) Parris is weird that his parishioners wish him to become replaced as reverend.

2) Why is Thomas Putnam happy to speak of witchcraft? How does Mrs. Putnam know very well what Ruth was doing in the woods?

a) Thomas Putnam is willing to speak of witchcraft as they is concerned about his little girl, Ruth.

b) Mrs. Putnam knows what Ruth was doing inside the woods because she asked Tituba to perform a cause that would enable her to speak to the Putnam's seven useless babies.

3) Why does Abigail " admit” that Tituba and Ruth were conjuring spirits? How come Abigail scared the others will confess the actual were undertaking in the timber? How does Abigail treat the other young ladies? How does she treat her uncle?

a) Abigail " admits” that Tituba and Ruth had been conjuring mood because the girl wants to position the onus with them so your woman doesn't enter trouble.

b) Abigail is usually afraid the others will concede what they were doing in the woods as this will incriminate her.

c) Abigail is usually manipulative with all the other young ladies and acts as a bully.

d) Abigail works innocently facing her dad so he can not suspect her to do what she's not intended to. She treats him with reverence (to his face).

4) Precisely what are Abigail's feelings towards John Proctor? How come she antagonistic towards At the Proctor? So why has your woman been asked to keep the Proctor's home? How come she tell John so what happened to Betty?

a) Abigail thinks she's in love with John Proctor.

b) She is fierce towards Elizabeth Proctor mainly because Abigail is definitely jealous that Elizabeth can be married to John Proctor.

c) Abigail has been asked to keep the Proctor's home because Elizabeth potential foods that Abigail and Proctor have had a great affair.

d) Elizabeth tells John...

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