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How to become a successful entrepreneur?

Goal: To understand the main notion of being an businessman and to increase our know-how in handling a small business right into a large business. Identify all the basic details:

TITLE- Graded K ( Mang Inasal Episode )

Mang Inasal – Edgar Sia II

Approach become a great entrepreneur and a uniform in a organization you happen to be managing, tips on how to manage a small business without losing a large amount of money in the investments.



Constantly sets his/her own genuine goals


Focuses on great objectives

Routinely reviews shows

Learns via own mistakes

Accepts changes and uses them when should you motivate home

Takes care of himself/herself physically

Supports to schedule

Is self-motivated

Is action oriented

Manages backtracking

Finishes work when started

Reflects on time administration regularly

Co-workers with other entrepreneurs; patterns, standards of living, values and habits after successful internet marketers


Sets unrealistic goals

Depends on other folks for attainment of desired goals

Focuses on goals which call to stop or perhaps avoid carrying out things

Does not keep track of improvement

Does not improve on areas where she/he failed

Is afraid of adjustments

Is unmindful of appearance

Depends exterior forces being motivated

keeps on going back and forth on the same path

Does not total most often a task

Is usually not aware about time squandered

Does not develop the habit of working well with individuals

1 . May be the piece persuasive? Why? Why not?

Yes, it is quite convincing for me personally. It could help me in my future career in managing a organization to watch this kind of episode. It is extremely helpful to learn how to handle a company and what direction to go when the business is going down. 2 . Performed the piece overlook or perhaps leave out whatever important? What? Yes, We've learned a whole lot in this episode. First, is usually how to start a business with a little capital and how to expand this without losing a great deal of investments. Second, is how to handle a client's complaints and offer them the satisfaction that they can deserve not only that, learn how to show patience all the time and the way to value time.


I can relate this episode to my own, personal experience because we have a little restaurant which can be sometimes I manage when my parents are not around. My spouse and i look after the employees if they are undertaking their work properly and the cleanliness in the surrounding and i also make sure that the customer gets the best satisfaction that they ought to have so that we don't loss them. The video gives me a whole lot of thought on how to increase our business and how to manage it without losing a large amount of money. We should learn that every business has the way on how to handle this with a total quality managing to reduce income loss.

This video gives a lot of information for us students who wants to have a business in the foreseeable future. The thing is that it is heart breaking for people Filipinos to learn that the Chinese people living here in the Philippines quickly expand their very own business than those Filipinos that has a business in this article. But the rewards are many Filipinos get the task.




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How to grow a billionaire In a early age?

Goal: To be aware of the idea of as an entrepreneur within a young age and also to inspire other folks to knuckle down and never give up. Identify all of the basic data:

TITLE- " inside info " Billionaire: method of success (Thai Movie)

A Thai video also known as The Billionaire. That tells a great inspirational true to life story about how he fought to achieve success is obviously.



Will be needed supplies available and cheap enough for the business to benefit from the operation? Is there enough working capital to keep the business going?

Is there readily available expertise to keep up the quality of the products/services? Is...

How Entrepreneurs Can Contribute To The Essay