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Press Convergence 08.08.2019
 Media Convergence Essay

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Press Convergence Worksheet

Write simple 250- to 300-word answers to each from the following:

|Questions |Answers | |What is intended by the term media |Technological convergence is a process in which existing technologies merge in to new | |convergence with regards to technology, |forms that bring together different types of press and applications. Devices may interact | |and how has it influenced everyday life? |with a larger array of press types via technological affluence. As technology advances | | |new models may possibly include functions like the capability to interact with more | | |devices or perhaps play various media. Technological convergence will take voice, info, and | | |video and enables them to reveal resources and interact with the other person. Technological | | |convergence occurs when multiple products come together to create one item with the | | |advantages of all of which. The biggest problem for scientific convergence looks are | | |reaching and guarding public curiosity and avoid being used politically and artificially | | |to protect tv producers and their polices. Technological convergence has had | | |transformative effects inside the television sector. Technological media convergence features | | |affected many people because not only issues changing and advancing but people have to | | |learn how to use them. I know people who are restricted to the information they receive | | |because they do not get access to the internet. People must figure out how to keep up with | | |technology. This impacts people who do not have time, have got trouble learning new | | |technology, and people who simply do not treatment to learn about all the new technology. | | |Technological concurrence has damaged everyday life with how persons pay for items | | |instead of using cash or checks they use charge or charge cards. Technological concurrence | | |has afflicted the everyday activities for millions of people who are not willing to learn every the| | |new technology as it receives. | |What is meant by term multimedia |Media concurrence with regards to business is meant not to only offer buyers more | |convergence with regard to business, and|choices in press options but be able to better manage solutions and build earnings. This has| |how has it affected everyday life? |greatly affected everyday life due to things like the web. Television | | |stations, radio stations, and newspapers can hence anyone to come up with several | | |versions of any story to get various multimedia outlets. Instead of the radio stations, television set | | |stations, papers, and information sites on-line generating the stories individually about the| | |subject, a multimedia corporation getting the convergence model has fewer people applied to | | |produce many editions of the account even though these are the same. This...

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