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MLS program 23.08.2019
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The MLS-800

Aeroflex is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Avionics check systems. The MLS-800 is known as a microprocessor handled Ground Stop Simulator built to operate coming from a counter test environment. Test parameters are selected via a 44-position keyboard and displayed in test functional menus.

The MLS-800 gives diagnostic capabilities or microwave landing system angle receivers. It is consisting of test parameters that are chosen via 44-position keyboard and test detailed menus. It can do a complete main route simulation to get:

•Approach Azimuth

•Back Azimuth


Excellent Complete Multi-Path Simulation Functionality:

Interference Signal

Selectable Diminish Rate Modulation of 0. 05, one particular and 1000Hz

Control of almost all Beam Parameters:

•Angular Situation

•Beam Amplitude Referenced to the Preamble

•Norm and 50 percent Width Pulse

•Selectable Beam Width for 0. 5°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4° or 5°

Sync Capability for:

•External Monitoring

•Designating PFE and CMN Function

•Designating Multi-path Function

•Preamble Parity, Symmetry and Percent Update

•Simulates all Fundamental Data Words and phrases plus Additional Data Terms with Parity Selection •Full Range of MLS Channels

Unless of course otherwise known the following equipment performance qualities are warranted over the particular environmental conditions following a twenty minute warm-up period. • All RF measurements are referenced to 50 Ω.

• Accuracy and reliability and image resolution stated in percent are referenced to scored or ideal values. • Where quality exceeds reliability, resolution requires precedence. • Notes are intended to provide information useful in making use of the instrument by giving certain setup data. Notes are located in the remarks section of this specification.

Test Operational Menu supports ICAO 1985 and EUROCAE ED-53A and ED-36A

• Complete Main Route Simulation:

Approach (AZ) and High Level Azimuth

(HiAZ) Elevation (EL) Back Azimuth (BAZ)

Sparkle (FL)

• Complete Multi-path (MP) Simulation...

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