Sand Dams in Kenya


A Sand Dam is known as a steel sturdy concrete wall structure built across a sandy riverbed. During rainy months, a in season river varieties and carries soil (consisting of crushed stone and silt) which movements downstream. The heavy sand builds up at the rear of the dam, whereas brighter sand and silt flushes over the wall structure of the atteinte. Within the space of one to four stormy seasons, these kinds of dam types get totally filled with sand. However , about 40% of the volume kept behind the dam is in fact water stored between the sand particles. Yellow sand Dams are definitely the most costeffective form of rainwater harvesting and providing residential areas in arid regions with a clean, local and trusted source of water which is environmentally friendly – actually during lengthy seasons of drought. These Dams may, on average, shop up to twenty million litres of normal water and provide a yearround source for up to one particular, 000 people – with very little operation and maintenance costs. Crushed stone Dams retail store water beneath sand, safeguarding it via contamination and evaporation -- which means that it is consists of cleanser water which has the ability to last longer. These Dams can save people in communities up to eight hours a day because they provide water to families an average of only half an hour from home. Communities are in that case able to commit this time in protecting their particular land from erosion and investing in climate smart culture. Sand Public works are not only costeffective but last at least 30-50 years and combined with the virtually absolutely no operation and maintenance costs make them an amazingly low-cost, lasting solution to non-urban water supply.

CASE - WATER PROJECT TRYING TO BUILD FINE SAND DAMS IN KENYA: The construction of yellow sand dams in Kenya was organized simply by Water Task to create the African Yellow sand Dam Foundation and was completed in 06 2012. The purpose of the motivation was to support provide maqui berry farmers with easier access to cleaner water, but with a sustainable construction method in semi-arid and dry areas. This is...

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