How Do the nineteenth Amendment Change the United States

 How Would the nineteenth Amendment Replace the United States Composition

Period: Background Ashley Stanton Subject: How did the 19th change change the United states of america 4-23-2013

The 19 a amendment provided women the right to vote. It had been proposed upon June some, 1919 and ratified upon August 18, 1920. The impact of the 19 th change was enormous it provided women the same power that guys had. This created a good influence and created a enormous cultural influence. It gave the women from the era even more confidence and a sense that they could accomplish and do more.

The life style changes in the 1920's showed how large and significant the impact from the nineteenth modification was. Women had become considerably more confident and wanted to utilize this " power" in other areas, too. They will gave up much of the " controlling" aspects of the Victorian age, from the extended and buttoned up clothing to fresh outlooks of personal freedom they started to live outside the bounds of being a family house wife and home machine women got job outside the home, they started playing sports, they will shortened their very own dresses and bobbed their head of hair and had entertaining!! The Roaring Twenties was obviously a new age, and an grow older where girls first started out enjoying more freedom and influence.

This has continued on to this very working day and in my opinion there is continue to work required to do to level the room between men and women. Mr. Barack Obama guru signed the Lilly LedBetter Fair Spend Act, which would make sure the right of girls to sue for equivalent pay for carrying out the same work as men. Even though women are still underpaid, they get compensated 77 cents to every money made by men. Women hold a value of 17 percent of the seats in Our elected representatives. There are only 6 U. S governors as women. No key party features nominated a women as director. Today following 90 years have passed females still separation behind guys.

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