Junkyard Wonders Book Review

 Junkyard Amazing things Book Review Composition

The Junkyard Magic

Lacy Cavanaugh

Concordia School

EDAD 5351

Dr . Laura Wilson

September 12, 2011

The Junkyard Wonders

* The review of The Junkyard Wonders By Patricia Polacco. This book was published this year and is 46 pages in length. I chose this book by looking for the story of differences and exactly how the characters were able to adopt their differences and expand from them. 5. I think that book is incredibly relevant to the course as it tells a tale of a kid who was place in a " special” course referred to by simply others as " The Junkyard” because it was mainly comprised of students with particular needs. The scholars in the account were very aware of all their differences from all other students and were typically made to feel below par because of it, but a special teacher supported them and taught them to see how unique they truly are. I think that this talks to the important thing of this program, that all of us have differences, yet us as educators ought to help each of our students realize that differences generate us unique and exclusive and learn to understand them in ourselves and others. * Available The Junkyard Wonders, the main character, the author herself, Patricia Polacco is usually labeled as dyslexic. At her previous school all the other kids knew of her struggle to read just like the other college students. Upon going to a new school the girl with excited that no one will be aware of about her learning challenges, but is usually put into a category with other questioned students, which can be referred to as " The Junkyard”. She soon learns that her category is called " The Junkyard” because all of the students are very different and strange like throwaway junk one would find in a junkyard. This lady has a very special teacher that refuses to area students in the class think that they are poor to the other students in the school. They will end up doing work in groups over a project with items that that they collected on the local junkyard. The group that Patricia was in found an old model airplane and decided to improve it and add a...

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