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The battle

Facing intense competition to generate high trascendencia graduates, Hilton International were keen to radically change their method of the recruiting and choice of management students. Equally crucial for the future accomplishment of the business was the ought to introduce a great accelerated administration training and development system which might significantly decrease the typical 15 year timeframe for a fresh recruit to reach the level of a worldwide Hotel General Manager.

The perfect solution

Hilton worked well in partnership with SHL and two other talking to firms to create and create a high potential graduate selection and advancement initiative; the Hilton Escalator Programme.

Initially the asking firms searched for to develop an accurate understanding of the needs and expectations with the target group by conducting interviews with final year students coming from hotel educational institutions and schools. SHL consultants then done extensive job analysis selection interviews with Hilton senior professionals to identify the main element skills, behaviors and characteristics necessary for superior performance inside the target jobs. The resulting competency profile was used to redesign the recruitment marketing and to create a scoreable license request form which might save beneficial management time in the shortlisting process.

SHL then developed a full immersion, high realistic look customised analysis centre focused upon 24 hours of strenuous simulation assessments. The components in the assessment centre were purposely designed to end up being extremely challenging, providing prospects with a genuine preview of the demands of the job as well as the pace at which they would be anticipated to develop.

Just those individuals who excelled at the evaluation centre had been offered a place on the development programme. The results of the centre were used in feedback to kick start an initial 18 month period of targeted development pertaining to the new hires. " We now have received

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