Frequency Circulation and Recurrent Flier A long way

 Frequency Circulation and Frequent Flier A long way Essay


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16. sixty six points

Pertaining to the following inquiries, would you accumulate information by using a sample or maybe a population?

(a)| To determine the percentage of car owners in New York City| В | В

| PopulationВ

(b)| To know how many different non-public airlines give service in the United States| В | В

| SampleВ

(c)| To estimate regular earnings of computer programmers in United States| В | В

| SampleВ

(d)| To find the marks of a class of twenty students in a physics exam| В | В

| PopulationВ

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From the data in the Statistical Summary of United states of america represented listed below with information, choose the sort of scale which can be used to measure them.

Index Name| Selling price

Containers and Packaging| 162. 69

Foodstuff Retailers and Wholesalers| 213. 41

Professional Transportation| 373. 43

Retailers| 371. 73

| Nominal

| Ordinal

| Proportion

| Interval


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Two thousand frequent business travellers are asked which midwestern city that they prefer: Indianapolis, Saint Louis, Chicago, or Milwaukee. one hundred twenty liked Indiana best, 430 liked St Louis, 1360 liked Chicago, il, and the remainder preferred Milwaukee. Develop a consistency table and a relative consistency table to conclude this information. (Round relative consistency to 3 quebrado places. )| В В В В

City| Frequency| Comparative Frequency

Indianapolis| 120В В | 0. 060В В В В В В

St Louis| 430В В | zero. 215В В В В В В

Chicago| 1, 360В В | 0. 680В В В В В В

Milwaukee| 90В В | 0. 045В В В В В В

(a)| What is this chart called?

| В

| HistogramВ

(b)| Precisely what is the total volume of frequencies?

| В

| 100В

(c)| What is the students interval?

| В

| 5В

(d)| What is your class frequency for the twenty-five to 35 class? | В | В

| 10В

(e)| Precisely what is the relative frequency with the 25 approximately 30 class? (Round the answer to two decimal spots. )| В | В

|. 10В

(f)| What is the midpoint in the 15 approximately 20 category? (Round your answer to one particular decimal place. )| В | В

| 17. 5В

(g)| About how many days were there 10 or even more packages sent? | В | В

| 5В


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This frequency distribution reports the quantity of frequent flier miles, reported in thousands, for employees of Brumley Record Consulting, Incorporation., during the initial quarter of 2007.


Flier Miles

(000)| Volume of


0 up to 6 В В В В | 6| В

6 up to 12 В В В В | 11| В

doze up to 18 В В В В | 24| В

18 up to twenty-four В В В В | 8| В

twenty four up to 30 В В В В | 2| В

| |

Total| 51| В

| |

(a)| How many workers were examined?

| В

| 51В

(b)| What is the midpoint of the 1st class? (Round the answer to you decimal place. )| В | В

| 3. 0В

(d)| A frequency polygon is to be attracted. What are the coordinates from the plot for the top class? | В | В

| В 3. 0В, 5В

(a)| How many staff accumulated lower than 3000 miles? | В | В

| 5В

(d)| Based on the cumulative frequency polygon, about 25 percent from the employees gathered how various miles or less? (Round your response to 1 quebrado place. )| В

6. 0В thousand mls.

For the following questions, might you collect data using a sample or a human population?

(a)| To compare the salary in the software and hardware experts in Washington| В | В

| SampleВ

(b)| To find the number of countries in the world with all the nuclear weapons| В | В

| PopulationВ

(c)| To obtain the percentage of users of a soap a company manufactures| В | В

| SampleВ

(d)| To find how various students within a particular class of a school in Ny own PCs| В | В

| PopulationВ

From the data in the Record Abstract...

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