A Dangerous Trouble: Obesity

 A Dangerous Difficulty: Obesity Essay

Problem & Solution Essay 1

First DraftApril you, 2013


Today, obesity that many young adults suffer from can be described as serious and an ongoing problem. There are a lot of causes of this problem. For instance , teenagers eat fast food, they have an unhealthy diet, and they take in too many calories in a day. In addition , they may do start exercising regularly. As a result of obesity, teenagers gain too much fat, they have mental problems, and the risk of having heart illnesses increases. Thus, obesity is actually a dangerous problem for teenagers, plus some measures ought to be taken to fix this problem. First of all, parents ought to help their children to have much healthier diet. They have to encourage youngsters to eat more fruit and vegetables instead of fast food, processed foods such as snacks and candy. They should warn their children never to drink cola, but to drink significantly more water, also. Thus, parents should control what children eat/drink and become sure that they have a healthy diet. In the event that these measures were taken, obese kids would shed extra pounds and have much healthier lives. Various other possible precautions to deal with weight problems would be regular exercise and physical exercise. Teenagers should do exercise regularly. For example , doing sport three times weekly is enough and it doesn't have much time. Father and mother can even perform exercises/sports with the children. For instance , it would be a good option for children to play volleyball or badminton, or do some physical exercises with their family. This situation could encourage children to lose weight. Additionally , parents will need to restrict enough time that children spend playing computer games and watching TV in order to be more effective. If these types of attempts were created, children may feel psychologically better provided that they shed extra pounds.

Choosing everything into account, children really should have a healthy diet, carry out regular exercise and stay active to halt obesity. Parents should also encourage them to do these. If...

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