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Good morning to all of you, ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank giving myself audience as well as the opportunity to speak to you. It of my talk today is " Ways To Conserve Water By utilizing Technologies”.

Water today is highly contaminated at first. Water quality are at risk and the most critical of most, humans will be wasting a lot of normal water everyday. The clean normal water on Earth is likely to run out 1 day if humans keep wasting water such as this.

So , scientist and creative creators have made many different normal water saving technology to help human beings save normal water with a lot more easier. Apart from that, there are many methods to save normal water by using contemporary technologies.

For example , we are able to install dual flush toilet systems instead of single get rid of toilet program, which help preserve water to get domestic employ everyday. Besides that harvesting rainwater pertaining to washing purposes also is a water conserving method which is widely used. With a water can easily to normal water plants also helps to save drinking water instead of by using a hose.

More than that, taking of wastewater through refinement at a water treatment plant also improve normal water quality and provides clean normal water from wastewater. We can utilize or set up infrared or foot operated taps, which can save normal water by using short bursts of water to get rinsing in a kitchen or bathroom. Not just that, hospital and health care establishments can use drinking water steam sterilizers too to save water,

Last but not least, water may be saved almost anywhere and anytime. Conserving water helps Earth, as well as the ones which will live here, including themselves.

This is most for now. Many thanks.

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