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Cvent, Inc

8180 Greensboro Drive

McLean, VA 22102


Planner Teaching I: Creation, Search, and Send............................................................ four Planner Schooling II: Replies, Reporting and Awarding......................................... twenty two Planner Teaching III: Tips & Tips................................................................................ 37


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Adviser Training My spouse and i:

Creating, Looking,

& Sending RFPs

Cvent, Inc

8180 Greensboro Travel

McLean, SE TILL ATT DU AR 22102


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Familiarize Your self

Before viewing this online video, it is recommended that you have reviewed the introductory video and understand the core targets.

Introduction to CSN Training for Organizers

Understand the organization and layout of Cvent

Identify best places to access support resources inside your account

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Common Obstacles

This schooling has been developed based on common obstacles experienced by the customers. Ahead of continuing the video, think about the next questions and how they connect with planners' daily tasks.

Have you ever ever skilled difficulty or perhaps obstacles with…

Organising complex lead information instead of using an Excel or perhaps Word formatting?

Copying efforts when making repeat business?

Qualifying venues that meet your RFP requirements?

Releasing your RFP through mobile phone, fax, email, and on the web channels?

What will be covered in this teaching?

This is the to begin three videos in the CSN Training for Organizers series. From this video, you will see the basics in building your first RFP. After completing this training you will be able to:

Identify how Cvent is usually organized and navigate to the suitable section.

Create a ask for proposal (RFP) in your Cvent account.

PUT IT ON: Create leads in an

structured format.

Search for certified venues.

PUT IT ON: Locate suppliers that

can easily accommodate the details

included in your RFP.

Mail your RFP to the selected venues.

PUT IT: Send your RFP in a single

format and successfully observe

suppliers within a centralized position.


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Navigating in Cvent

Before learning how to make an RFP, it's important to be familiar with basics of your account.

Dividers, the Alexa plugin, and Section Links

Navigation bars are the greatest level of organization in Cvent. The Suppliers tab stores all information related to each ask for proposal (RFP). The Administration tab shops all of your bank account wide adjustments.

Within every single tab, you'll see a toolbar containing multiple sections. Every single section pertains to a different task related to the RFP lifecycle.

Finally, within just each part of the alexa plugin, you'll see section links on the left hand side. Section backlinks are individual links that focus on filter topics.

Account Search and User Profile

Utilize Account Search at the top of your to search for RFPs in your bank account.

Click My personal Profile to customize your

user configurations. View your account

number, user name, and personal


Maximize your consideration by

altering your account

preferences such as the 1st tab to

display. Inside the RFP Settings,

customize your email personal preferences,

searching choices, and pitch



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Updated 2/1/14

Support Center

If you have additional questions, Cvent's Support Center is your one-stop-shop for all of the resources. Click the "? ” in the rightmost top corner side of the account and choose Support Centre. Search for helpful videos and articles, and in many cases submit this question to our experts.

Manage RFPs Dashboard

Utilize the Manage RFPs Dashboard to easily navigate between different RFPs in your bank account. Simply make use of the dropdown menu next with each RFP brand to modify the RFP,...

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