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Maya Kee

March 2, 2013

Mrs. Spears

Essay #6

I feel that the case can never be ignored because you will not ever know when ever someone can commit against the law. The situation even though I was certainly not there was could not have been averted because this man was just thinking of his self and never those who were around obvisoly if he put his hands on this kind of woman then simply in other fast there two sides to each story although I no longer want to begin this essay defending a criminal although there's always a story to everyone. When it comes to this news for some reason they feel the public should know almost everything and this may be the story generally there sticking to but yea really so obsessive with journalism that they have to get that history get there break they not really once think about who they could hurt or just how this affects other people viewing but hey it's just a criminal when you think it through what makes all of them so unlike the felony. Mass media terrize people paparazzi terrorize persons and generally there allow for this because it's the law. The police often make use of the media for their advantage to catch a crook or possibly a criminal which always ends well with them getting the legal and justice is offered. Have you at any time wondered just how can all the violent in the mass media and news and on this excellent website affect people everyday life? Can watching Nancy grace one particular night push a person to border where they can't take it no more so they eliminate their entire family. What else My spouse and i wane understand is how is it the news is very detailed just like they were on the scene to share with you what's going on and half the time presently there wrong but yet they nonetheless put it out there and if really wrong it's like slander and am sure court going forward are managed but still the media place a lot focus on the criminals and never enough attention about missing kids and other things and it makes you wonder will be the news in it for the rating or that they really want to offer a voice to the public. I had been told with a fellow expert that was is very awful when it comes to working with the...

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