Condoleezza Rice Is a Girl with a Good Mind and Soft Cardiovascular system

 Essay regarding Condoleezza Rice Is a Woman with a Good Mind and Soft Cardiovascular


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Topic: Give a talk about a individual that influence you the most Practical: To Memorialize

Specific Purpose: To commemorate Condoleezza Rice

Thesis Statement: Condoleezza Grain is a female with a solid mind and soft center. Introduction:

To start with I want to inquire you, are you aware why Hersker named Eve " woman”? Some of you might know, some might not in order that I will tell you why. The almighty create Adam and a lot of animal. For a long time, Mandsperson was a single because these animal, they may have their mate. Adam appears upset, to ensure that God make Eve. Mandsperson saw Event for the first time; since God produce Eve thus beautiful in order that the first thing Adam said was " woo man”. For this reason Eve known as woman. As I observed that tale form one of my educator, I wonder if a woman was born just to be considered a doll to get man, as they are so beautiful so they can not do anything. Seems confuse for years until the time I know that anything a male can carry out, a woman can do that as well. And the one who helps me personally open my eye is definitely Condoleezza Grain. Speech Body system:

I. Condoleezza Rice is known as a woman with strong brain.

A. She's a African-American girls, she were required to face with a lot of status racism and violence * She footprints her beginnings to pre-Civil War Photography equipment Americans in the American To the south B. Give your best to be be successful

2. Then she figured out that she also a new passion about politic_ special in the Soviet Union and international contact * She study hard and have a PhD in Political Scientific research from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies with the University of Denver when she was just 21. * She was a mentor of politics science in Stanford College or university where the girl served as Provost coming from 1993 to 1999. 5. She knows a lot of language Russian, French and Spanish C. Being the main one of the most power women

* Grain was the initially African-American girl to function as Secretary of State beneath the president Rose bush term. 5. Rice was President Bush's National...

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