Computer Interpraters

 Computer Translators Essay

With the fast development of computer system science, computer system can convert all kinds of different languages. Therefore , a lot of people say that children need not study foreign 'languages' any more. Via my standpoint, I think computer system will never replace human beings. Firstly, language can be closely related to a country's culture. Through language examine, students can know the traditions of a country. For example , should you study English, you can know a lot of things regarding English literary works, English beautifully constructed wording, English fests and English language customs. I am English language major. I like English intimate poems greatly. The beautiful compared to by many poets as Shalley, Burns and other famous British poets continue to be very popular in modern books. We also relish some The english language festivals just like Halloween, April Fools Working day and Holiday, when people observe in night clubs and pubs and have a thrilling time. Secondly, laptop is only a machine, in whose programs are made and authored by human beings. Without an intimate knowledge of foreign dialects and translation, we are unable to write an efficient translation applications for pcs, which will be a chilly machine and be useless. Additionally, language study can develop a children's intelligence. Terminology is a unique capacity of our individuals. Language study can increase children's audio tracks ability. They will distinguish the subtle differences of pronunciation and rhythm. However , we don't reject the advantages laptop takes all of us. We have to examine some international articles and materials within our study and work. Several translation application can give all of us an immediate description of some difficult words and phrases, which helps you to save us a whole lot of valuable time. To sum up, computer will not ever take the place of each of our human beings as being a translator or an interpreter, because their very own ability is decided by human beings.

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