Bacon H Rebellion

Bacon S Rebellion 08.08.2019
 Bacon T Rebellion Essay

Bacon's Rebellion

Danny Walsh Jr.

Ms. Hunt

The english language 12

of sixteen October 2014


What is Bacon's Rebellion?

The causes of Bacon's Rebellion

Major military during Bacon's Rebellion

Why were the colonies afraid for that reason rebellion?

Information about the record, years & dates and key situations

Effects of Bacon's Rebellion

What is Bacon's Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion was a stirring of ground-breaking sentiments in the usa.

This kind of rebellion was between two cousins, by marriage.

Was a conflict between Berkeley and Cash

This was over settlers violating a treaty with all the Indians

The causes of Bacon's Rebellion

White-colored settlers that migrated in to Indian awarded territories

Imperialism: England's population progress (needing more land)

Colonialism: Europeans bringing a system of colonies

Extremely high taxes

Area: Disputes above Native Of india homelands improved

Elevated commercial competition from Maryland and the Carolinas

Major military during Bacon's


Nathanial Bacon- Leader of the rebel makes

The " Rebels” that adopted him

Sir William Berkeley- the governor

The army/forces that work underneath him

Why were the colonies worried

because of this rebellion?

The us government became frighten by the danger of municipal war

An violent uprising of white colored indentured maids and dark slaves

The menace of indenture slaves harm capability

Information about the history, years &

dates and crucial events of Bacon's Rebellion

Came about during July 1676

Ended in 1677

Culture Clash: The amount of incoming The english language Settlers was too large

Land: The usa adopted Western practice of expansion

The end of the rebellion was Bacon's death

Berkeley tried to maintain peace

Associated with Bacon's Rebellion

Tax prices had been lowered

Unified distinct races and economic classes

Males were given all their rights back again

The concept whites and Indians could hardly together was enforced

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