Asamoah 2012 Op

 Asamoah 2012 Op Composition

Prof. Ing. Dr . Róbert Štefko, PhD.

Faculty of Administration, University of Prešov in Prešov, Slovak republic


Writer of Dissertation Thesis: E. Emmanuel Selase Asamoah

Title of Feuille Thesis: " Brand supervision in the take out industry: a cultural point of view of the branding strategies of businesses, and the habit of consumers in the Czech Republic and Ghana"

Brand management v priemysle rýchleho občerstvenia: kultúrna perspektíva brandingových stratégií firiem a spotrebiteľské správanie v Českej republike a Ghane.

Evaluation of dissertation thesis pertaining to the actuality in the topic

We could state that the focus of the feuille thesis is nowadays highly topical and worthy to get research, pertaining to special attention. Having best quality manufacturer management inside the sphere of fast food support production is at current hypercompetitive environment intended for the company selling these types of companies essential for becoming successful. In the global corporate environment the company must take into consideration the fact that cultural specific features could possibly be significant from the strategic perspective. That is the reason why analytical paperwork and these like this one happen to be welcomed and useful. This thesis plays a role in rigorous familiarity with analyzed information and shown models could have positive impact around the creation of comprehensive competitive advantage of the business which accept and prosper from understanding and information presented inside the papers on this kind. This is of this know-how is crucial and universally accepted in the theoretical papers along with the practice and this field is subject for further research and development. The way the publisher has dealt with with the theme should be highly appreciated plus the level of quality offered in this thesis.

Evaluation of dissertation thesis in relation to achievement of particular goals

The author formulated the aims in the dissertation...

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